Above are some examples of kinetic works .

1. Ghost, stainless steel, copper, glass , electronic components steam boiler and movement sensor. machine emits blasts of  white steam when triggered by viewer.

2. Wheels are wooden wheels which are connected by a series of rubber belts , the wheels all turn at different speeds driven by the larges wheel which is powered by a water race.

3. Muc . stainless steel flying pig created for concerns fundraising for the children's hospice, he resided at Dublin airport for a while .

4. “A song for wandering Anegus”, an abstract brazed copper figure with a glass heart, small licks of blue flame surround the skull as hair only to erupt into a fire ball if the work is approached to close by a viewer.

5. Jazz Mobil , abstract jazz inspired work built in steel on the chassis of a 2 cv car.

6. Painting Machine (heart of a decaying culture). built on the base of a  Ferguson 20 tractor tis work cashes rubbish of the street as it drives along, it consumes the rubbish and leaves  abstract paintings on the road in its wake, these paintings are created by a seres of paint feed nozzles which spray a roll of paper which is powered by wheels driven by the tractor, the nozzles are hung on a large mobile so creating each painting as a unique piece.

7. Requiem for a pony, build of scrap steel and old machine parts driven by an electric motor and rubber belts located at Euro Parkas at Vilnius Lithuania.

8. Heart machine. a rubber heart which beats powered by blasts of air from brass sprayers. these pumps are driven by an electric motor which in turn is triggered when the rotating wheels create electric contacts.

9. Machine d’amour. A flame throwing machine built of scrap steel and mechanical parts. white spirits is sucked up and sprayed by a brass garden pump ignited electrically to blow out a ball of flame . the contraption is power by an electric motor which drive as seres of wheels.

10. Pneumatic Android ; Built with stainless steel frame , bearing moving joints and electronic censors which trigger solenoids , causing the automation to move in response to the viewers movements. below are some stills of the android.

11.Mechanical Horses, a mobile puppet of two horses and geared wheels constructed of steel built on the base of a Ferguson 20 tractor.as the automation moves powered by the wheels driven from the tractors pto shaft it trows up fountains of water , emits bursts of steam and the horses heads carer back and forth while their legs paw the ground.

12.Ionized. A copper female figure and a lead male figure joined by their skulls by a copper wire affixed to a light bulb, the figures are immersed in a glass tube filled with sulfuric acid, this causes a chemical reaction between the two figures and illuminates the light bulb. ( a battery) if the sulfuric acid is not changed regularly the two figure swap ions and became inert causing the bulb to extinguish as in the case of love, if the lovers do not retain their induviduality.

kinetic art


a form of art that depends on movement for its effect. The term was coined by artists Naum Gabo (1890–1977) and his brother Antoine Pevsner (1886–1962) in 1920 .

Below are images of a selection of my kinetic works

kinetic |kəˈnetik|


of, relating to, or resulting from motion.

• (of a work of art) depending on movement for its effect.


kinetically |-ik(ə)lē| adverb

ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: from Greek kinētikos, from kinein ‘to move.’

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