Laurent Mellet graduated from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin in 1992.  


Directed 3 music videos for both Sony Records and Electra Records, New York.

Art Department, designed special effects for experimental short film by Paddy Jolly ,“Drowning Room”, which won a prize at the Sun Dance Festival.

Art Department for experimental short film, “Here After”, by Paddy Jolly, New York.

Assistant Art Director on short film,“My Uncle Oswald”.

Assistant Art Director on documentary, “My Mother was a Boxer”.

Assistant Art Director for a feature film, “Ransom”, for Daona Productions, Sky Television.

Assistant Art Director on “ Cremaster 3”, the final film in a series by New York artist Matthew Barney.

Designer/Art Director on short art house film ,“Loose”.



Designer of feature film “Kaos”, produced for Blue Light Film Company.    

Designer of feature film“Head Rush”, directed by Shimmy Marcus for Zanzibar Films, 2002.

( Nominated for best Design at the Irish film awards 2003

Designer of feature film “Bite”, produced by Fubar Films, 2003.

(  Nominated for best Design at the Irish Film Awards 2004 )

Designer of feature film“Jane by the Sea”, directed by Solveig Anspach, co-produced by Zanzibar Films and Fernando Romer, France.

Designer of “Eumeaus”, a short film produced by David Blake Knox and produced by Blueprint Pictures, 2004.

Designer of “ Aeolus” short film written by David Blake Knox produced by Blueprint

Pictures 2004.

Designer of feature film“Turning Green”, directed by John G..Hofmann and Michael Aimette for Curbside Pictures TG LLC, New York..

Designed U2 live music video, “Vertigo”, directed by Richie Smith for Solo 2 Productions, 2004.

Designer of “Tayto”, a commercial for H2 Productions, Windmill Lane Ireland, 2005.

Designer of “Murphys”, a commercial for Blinder Ltd, 2005

Designer of Radio Telefis Eireann identity commercial for Red Bee Media, London, 2006.

Designed and produced props for Solo Two’2s production of “Celtic Woman”, at Slane Castle for MTV, 2006.

Designed and created sets for four Radio Telefis Eireann  shorts:

“The Forgotten” by Pat McCabe.

“Heaven” by Hugh Leonard.

“Saint Joan” by Tom Murphy.

“Clean the House” by Frank McGuinness.

For the 2007 Dublin Theatre Festival promotion for RTE by Blue Light Productions.

Designed and created sets for “ Amazzing News” comedy short for

Blue light productions.




Designed and built stage sets for Barabbas Theatre Company’s production “Hupnouse”.

Designed and built kinetic sculptural set for “Redemption”, a play at the Firehouse, New York.

Built kinetic sculptural set for “Tabhg Stray Wandered In”, a play by Michael Collins, designed by Sabine Dargent for Fishamble Productions, 2004.

Built a kinetic sculptural set for “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, directed by Veronica Coburn for Barabbas Theatre Company.

Designed and built a flying car prop for Calypso theatre company production

“ The Wonderfull world of Dricossa” 2007.


Worked as an artist for Mark Pauline and Survival Research Laboratories in San Francisco, for one year, 1993.

Exhibited in group shows at The Old Dutch Factory and at The Studio Gallery, New York.

Worked with Survival Research Laboratories and for “Archaos” in Paris and Auriac, France.

Represented Ireland in Lithuania, for which he built a kinetic sculpture, “Requiem for a Pony”, in Vilnius.



Over four consecutive years was commissioned to design and construct motorised kinetic sculptures for the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin.

Five sculptures for the offices of the Dutch bank ABN AMRO Bank NV, in the International Financial Services Centre, Dublin.

“Muc” Pig Sculpture for Dream Chaser, which was created to raise money for the Kosovo Fund, and is now a permanent exhibit at Dublin Airport.

Fountain sculptures for Trintech Technologies, South County Business Park, Leopardstown, County Dublin.

“Cenotaph” a joint piece with Paddy Jolly , of four stacked Ferguson 20 tractors, for Temple Bar Properties, Dublin.

Designed and created eight sculptures, lights and kinetic murals for Canaletto’s restaurant,  Dublin.

A permanent sculpture for Handel’s courtyard in Fishamble Street, Dublin, including the design of gates for the entrance.

Exhibited in sculpture show in The Cross Gallery, Francis Street, Dublin.

Awarded Soloman Gallery award for best sculpture at the Royal Hibernian Academy, Ely Place, Dublin, 2002.

Exhibited at Royal Hibernian Academy annual exhibition,  2002/03.

Built kinetic sculpture for Saatchi and Saatchi, London, 2003.

Exhibited in the Solomon Gallery group exhibition, 2004.



Private commission  “Diving Boy”, 2005

Commissioned to build an android kinetic sculpture (fully articulated pneumatic robot triggered by movement censors) for The Ark, Temple Bar, Dublin.

Exhibited in the Royal Hibernian Academy annual exhibition , 2004.

Exhibited in the Solomon Gallery “Sculpture in Gardens” exhibition, July 2005.

Exhibited in the Royal Hibernian Academy annual exhibition, 2005.

Commisioned to produce a kinetic sculpture for the pool of Dundrum Shopping Centre, Dublin, 2005.

Commissioned to produce three sculptures for the interior of the Point Depot  Dublin, August 2006.

Exhibited at Whytes of Molesworth Street’s fine art auction, Dublin, 2006.

Exhibited two sculptures, one by invitation, at the Royal Hibernian Academy annual exhibition, 2006.

Museum of Modern Art, Kilmainham, Dublin, forwarded a proposal to acquire the four tractor sculpture “Cenotaph” as part of their permanent collection for show at the Royal Hospital.

Private commission, “Brazed Copper Bird”, 2007.

Private commission, “Horse”, 2007.

Exhibited at the Royal Hibernian Gallery annual exhibition, 2007.



Exhibited at the Solomon Gallery summer exhibition, 2007.

Exhibited with the Solomon Gallery at the K Club, Kildare, 2007.

Exhibited at the Solomon Gallery In December 2007.

Commissioned to design and make 14 foot x 14 foot x 6 foot beaten and brazed copper centaur for reception area of the Sea View Hotel, Gorey, County Wicklow.


Designed and photographed art work and sleeve for Katell Keineg albumn,”Franklin”.    Produced by Fred Maher for Electra Entertainment, New York.

Designed and photographed art work and sleeve for Katell Keinig single, “O’ Seasons O’ Castles”.   Produced by Fred Maher for Electra Entertainment, New York.

Designed and photographed art work and sleeve for Katell Keinig single “Partisans”.   Produced by Fred Maher for Electra Entertainment, New York. 

Designed and created art work, sculptures, stage set and touring set for Gavin Friday album “Shag Tobacco”, for Island Records, London.

Designed and created a 14’ x 12’ steel and aluminium sculpture and scratched drawing, to span the back of U2”s rehearsal space, at their studio in Hanover Quay, Dublin


Invited to create, design and teach  workshops at the Ark children’s cultural

centre, Eustace Street, Dublin. Using his own art works to demonstrate and teach the history of kinetic art, and to demonstrate how art has interacted

with physics from Leonardo da Vinci’s time up to the present day.

Created a Robotic Ark to encourage children to look at physics, technology and engineering  as a means to create art.

Created and designed robotic toys for children to make and so enable them to learn about physics’ relationship to art.


Created a flying cubist balloon, remote-controlled and pneumatically propelled, for children’s workshop

Created an abstract kinetic sculpture for the Ark cultureal centre in Dublin.

Taught children at the Young Scientists’ Exhibition 2005/06/07/08 to build “Drawbots”, a robot that paints and draws.

Taught Art and Physics at “Engineers Ireland” for Crann Ireland in Galway, Cork, Athlone, Limerick and Dublin.

Toured schools in Ireland lecturing on his work in Art and Physics as part of the Department of Education’s Programme to encourage an interest in the  sciences in schools.